We offer premium quality lamb meat, the result of a thorough selection of the best pieces.


Frozen Meat for Export

Carcasa - RES

9 a 11 Kg. - 11 a 13 Kg.- 13 a 16 Kg.

6 Cuts

Fronts, Ribs and Legs


Vacuum-Packed Lamb Cuts

We sell a wide variety of cuts such as Shoulder, Leg, Chop, Picanha (Rump), Shank, Rack, Rib, T-bone, Ground, Sirloin, Kidney, Caul fat, Heart, Tongue, and Liver. We also offer Whole Lamb.

Paleta de Cordero envasada al vacio


Weight approx. 2kg.

tbone de Cordero envasada al vacio


Weight approx. 0.8kg.

Ribs de Cordero envasada al vacio


Weight approx. 1.2kg.

gigot de Cordero envasada al vacio

Gigot (lamb leg)

Weight approx. 2.5kg.

rack de Cordero envasada al vacio


Weight approx. 0.7kg.

chuleta de Cordero envasada al vacio


Weight approx. 1.2kg.

picana de Cordero envasada al vacio

Picanha (Rump)

Weight approx. 0.6kg.

carne-picada de Cordero envasada al vacio

Ground Meat

Weight approx. 2kg.


Lamb Meat Properties

The consumption of lamb meat offers an exceptional culinary experience improved with nutritional benefits. Rich in lean protein and essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, and B vitamins, lamb meat is a tasty and healthy choice for a balanced diet.

Its profile of healthy fats, combined with a distinctive flavor, adds versatility to cooking.

Additionally, essential nutrients in lamb meat make a recognized contribution to brain health and immune function.

Whether grilled, roasted, or in stews, incorporating lamb meat into your diet provides a variety of benefits for your well-being as well as a delightful taste experience.