About us

We are a specialized family-owned business committed to producing and distributing high-quality organic lamb meat.


We merge generations of experience with modern production methods.

From the meticulous raising of our lambs to the careful vacuum-sealing process, each step reflects our dedication to providing products that enhance our consumers' culinary experiences.

We are proud of our dedication and ongoing pursuit of sustainable practices that support the preservation of the environment we share. Our customers' health is a top priority. We work tirelessly to offer safe and nutritious products that promote health and well-being.

Exceptional Quality and Consistency Standards.

Minimized Environmental Negative Impacts.

Customer Health is a Top Priority.


Rotational Regenerative Grazing

Our lambs are fed on natural pastures with no agrochemicals or fertilizers. They are raised under a rotational regenerative grazing system, avoiding the overuse of resources by controlled livestock rotation every 24 hours. This promotes plant diversity, reduces soil erosion, and minimizes parasites and diseases in the sheep.

This sustainable grazing approach contributes to improved livestock production and balance of nature, making it an essential tool for responsible sheep farming in line with the environment.

Dorper Breed en Argentina


Dorper Breed

The Dorper, originally from South Africa, is appreciated for its fast growth and meat quality. Our carefully selected Dorper genetics has won awards at exhibitions.

We are committed to excellence and passionate about sheep breeding.


Our meat is Certified

Our meat is organic, free of hormones, antibiotics, and harmful additives. Choosing organic products preserves natural ecosystems and reduces exposure to chemicals.

We have organic certification from LETIS.

Additionally, we raise our lambs under strict animal welfare standards, which guarantee their diet, place, and veterinary care. This results in high-quality, nutritious, and safe meat. Animal welfare is a moral priority that benefits product quality and our customers’ satisfaction.

Our meat is organic, free of hormones, antibiotics, and harmful additives..